Dr. M. Murray

Dr Morris T. Murray, founder of M. Murray & Associates Pty Ltd, is a world authority on die casting.

Dr Morris Murray has a wealth of experience in casting magnesium, aluminium, zinc and brass die casting. He has worked in high pressure, low pressure and gravity casting helping the industry.

As a Senior Principal Research Scientist at CSIRO (Australia), he led their die casting research for a number of years. He has carried out practical research for many OEM's and major manufacturers in such areas as alloy development, metal and casting quality, molten metal flow systems, thermal analysis and heat control of dies, proving hydraulic performances of casting machines and optimising die spray, to name just a few.

The benefits to the clients have been written up in joint papers and presented at NADCA conferences. Dr Murray himself has written over 110 technical papers and has a significant number of patents.

His commitment and benefit to the industry was acknowledged when he was made a fellow and life member of the Australian Die Casting Association. He has also received awards from such bodies as the North American Die Casting Association.

Dr Murray has also presented a number of training courses on a variety of topics to both national and international companies.

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